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Coconut Bowls - VAICACAO
Coconut Bowls - VAICACAO
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Coconut Bowls

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Eco-friendly coconut bowls I VAICACAO 


Le coconut bowls cannot be missing in your kitchen! Beautiful to contain your super breakfast with cocoa nibs and many other superfoods!

Beautiful Coconut Bowl • Eco-Friendly Coconut Bowl · 

Smoothed on both sides it is 100% Natural. They are perfect for creating fabulous breakfasts, giving a tropical and youthful touch! You can also use them to decorate your home and also become candle holders, accessory holders, pots for succulents etc.

The beautiful coconut bowls vary in size, have been polished with coconut oil, and will remind you of the tropics! Unmissable in your kitchen, have fun decorating them with recipes of all kinds. They can also be used for soups, soups, soups or to drink our "Ceremonial cacao"!  

Coconuts can be useful in this way. Instead of being thrown unnecessarily after extracting the pulp and water, they are recovered, without adding chemical treatments, managing to be an excellent decorative element at the table, completely eco-friendly! 


Being a product 100% natural, it should never be washed in the dishwasher but gently by hand.


Coconut bowls are simply amazing! Perfect for your smoothie or buddha bowls, are a must have in your kitchen! You can also use them in many ways different from kitchen purposes. They are perfect for cold or warm food, avoiding extreme heat. 


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