New Looks for Ceremonial Cacao

New Looks for Ceremonial Cacao

We present our new Eco-friendly Paper Packagins 

We found a new solution to create packaging that could be safe, easy to recycle, plastic-free, compliant with European regulations and above all customized. 

As GO we are fully aware of the impacts that can be created in ecosystems, and that to opt for a packaging made of 100% FSC certified paper without the use of plastic, was a good compromise. At the moment it is difficult to opt for biodegradable materials, because production in Europe is difficult, due to very complex current regulations on the migration of substances and on the healthiness of some biodegradable materials. There is a lot to do, and sooner or later we will be able to find the packaging that best suits our needs and above all less impactful from an environmental point of view.

We have given up on the "zip", since with the plastic zip we will have simply complicated the moment of its recycling in the paper, so we decided that to be really plastic-free and recyclable in the paper, it could not have the zip. 

For this reason we give you some tips on how to close envelopes:

- Use an elastic, a clothespin, a metal tie to close them. Or pour the cocoa into an airtight jar or tightly closed tupper. 

- Always keep the packaging in a cool, dry place away from humidity.

The cocoa will keep fresh, despite the absence of the zip closure. 

We hope you like them! Cocoa hugs

Eli & Juanra
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