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A meeting with Elisa and Juanra, Founders of VAICACAO®

Elisa (friends call me "Eli")
Co-Founder Vaicacao

I am from Olbia and I have a degree and a Master in Development and International Cooperation. I have worked for about six years in international cooperation, including Un-Women, and have lived in various countries such as Spain, El Salvador, France and the UK. I am a "ceremonial cocoa addicted"; I love making whole cocoa drinks in the morning and starting my day with a little meditation. I'm passionate about new experiments in the kitchen based on fruit and vegetables, so I declare myself a "foodie". I am fascinated by the world of nutrition and medicinal herbs. I love creating healthy breakfasts and brunches. My eating habits have changed dramatically since I lived in El Salvador, but especially since I approached the meditation, Reiki and at the Yoga.  


Juan Ra.
Co-Founder Vaicacao


I was born in San Salvador, El Salvador. As a child I spent my weekends and holidays in the countryside or by the sea, always in contact with nature and the family estate, where coffee, coconut, cocoa and spices of various kinds were grown. I started as a hobby to accompany my father to the "Finca" - term with which we say "estate" - more than ten years ago; meanwhile I was working in international trade. With hard work and strong determination, we managed to set up a beautiful plantation as well the first cooperative of cocoa producers in El Salvador. During this stage of my life I have had the privilege of meeting many cocoa producers in the region, including various exponents of the world of cocoa worldwide.

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