Ceremonial VaiCacao ®

Our holistic cacao beverage is a thick drinking cacao that simultaneously relaxesand energizes!... 


Experience a new world of cocoa love with VAICACAO® Bean to Bar... 

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Buy easily, quickly and ethically with us!

Cocoa of traceable origin, grown in specific agroforestry systems

Vaicacao was born with the aim of working with the cocoa from our plantation, Finca Cuyancúa, and from that of our dear friends "cacaoteros" precisely to guarantee traceability, integrity and economic, social and environmental sustainability. Our cocoa is paid much better than Fair-Trade, going much beyond this model, for truly sustainable cocoa.

Vegan: no ingredients of animal origin

All our products are VEGAN FRIENDLY: that is, we do not use any ingredients of animal origin in our work.

Gluten Free and Lactose Free

All our products are naturally gluten and lactose free.

Fast shipping to Italy, Europe and the world

We ensure that all shipments are prepared as soon as possible. Each order is rigorously tracked, so you will receive everything comfortably at your home or office with the guarantee that it will not be lost (no queuing at the post office for example). We ship throughout Italy and Europe with deliveries around 3-7 working days.

Plastic-Free shipping

We too are concerned about the excess accumulation of plastic in the world, and we certainly don't want to contribute to creating even more environmental pollution. All our shipments are plastic-free, as are all our packaging.

→ The boxes are recyclable in paper and sealed with paper tape for more efficient disposal

→ Our chocolate boxes are created with 100% recycled FSC certified paper, enhancing the circular economy

→ The internal casing of the chocolate is made of aluminium, infinitely recyclable

→ The packaging of the Ceremonial Cacao is created with predominantly FSC certified paper, so it can always be recycled in paper. We have given up the ZIP closure to allow for complete recycling.

Obviously we ask for your full collaboration so that these packages are correctly disposed of following the rules of your municipality.

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